The field of agriculture was invented thousands of years ago, as people began to learn how to exploit natural resources for food. Over the years, crops developed, new and more resistant strains were found, cultivation methods were invented, and fertilization and extermination of pests became part of the cultivation protocol. More than 20 years ago, various marketing chains decided to adopt work and supervision standards regarding the produce that they receive. These standards involved supervision of the work process, control of the use of pesticides, food safety and, in addition, a focuse on aspects relating to staff the work environment.

How am I connected to the entire topic?


I grew up in an agricultural environment and household. After graduating agriculture studies, I worked for an agricultural export company. About 20 years ago, I began taking part in training, implementing and supervising farmers, packing houses and export companies (including companies in the transport and cosmetics fields). I guide and accompany the companies in order for them to implement and meet all agricultural standards and with packing houses I refer to all quality inspections, including analysis of HACCP risk reviews.

I specialized in the subject of the environment, preserving nature and scenery values, including biological diversity and recycling. I connected with accreditation companies, the Ministry of Agriculture, providing consulting and courses.


A few years ago I began instructing, lecturing and setting a personal example in environmental protection, correct work procedures and people related matters.

I specialized under the watchful eyes of market leaders and M&S standards, and I am qualified to conduct quality inspections for Category 0, the highest category acknowledged.

I am familiar with the labor standards and I believe in absolute equality among all people, irrespective of gender, religion, nationality, race, or age, and ensuring the dignity of all people. Every person has occupational and social rights (as well as obligations).  


Therefore, I believe that resources should be allocated in order to provide every worker with all the conditions and comfort to enable him or her to perform the work effectively, in a correct manner under pleasant conditions, in all venues. Training needs to be provided in the worker's native language, the needs of both the workers and employers should be understood, and emphasis placed on the well-being of the worker while recognizing the employer's rights as well.

The most important aspect required for the effective implementation of all the various aspects detailed is LOVE – love for the profession, as well as love of people and animals – love that can increase the level of every farmer, packing house and exporter.

The service that I provide is conducted in several languages, with the use of a computer (including ancillary programs) with a great deal of patience, professionalism and uncompromising integrity.